Spiral Trousers

These demonstrate a dramatic rethink of how trousers can be made and are the most difficult form to master. More details to come.

The width of the cloth helps to determine the length of the trousers. It is possible (like most of these patterns) to rotate them 90 degrees, with the trousers however having flexibility across the body is more pertinent. Unless your fabris is the same on both sides you will need to make two pairs.
The drape or stiffness of the cloth will alter dramatically the final look of the garment. For a fluid drapey look, go for a knit, crepe de chine, or other soft fabric, for something more architectural chose a stiffer fabric such as a denim.
The Spiral trousers shown in the photo is made of digitally printed linen. All the edges are pre-finished using acrylic house paint, all joins are achine stitched with a coverstitch and the form is modified through back knee and waist darting. The trousers in the photo is 1 of 2 pairs made from 155cm of 150cm wide Linen. The model is a NZ size 10


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